Making The Ghetto Blaster... Ghettoer

This writeup was from 2009, before the more recent advent of Bluetooth/Li-ion-enabled portable speakers. A new design has been passively in the works to update this design. In 2012, it received a ~120Wh Li-po battery upgrade and some better volume control. Up next, perhaps a compact fiberglass enclosure and a class-D or class-G amplifier. I had made a breakout board for the Cirrus CS4525 but apparently that's now slated to be discontinued. Thanks, Obama...

A solid ghetto blaster has been a dream of mine for a while. Most with any power are no longer sold and those that are have lost the design feature pertaining to shoulder mounting. Additionally, D-cell batteries cost a lot. My ghetto blaster is based on the TA8210 monolithic stereo amplifier with 20W/channel powered by a motorcycle battery driving a set of car speakers in a welded rebar frame. The basic premise ll add a classy spectrum analyzer to it. It will also soon feature a duct taped walkman as soon as I can find one suitabl your limiting factor for power unless you've scored 2 batteries (idea?!). I was using the TA8210 but eventually realized ard some time back. It's blue.

  • Any pair of speakers (4Ω) capable of taking more than 20W. Lower quality may provide a more desirable sound.
  • Motorcycle battery
  • A bunch of passive components