Personal Projects

Lord Vetinari's Clock

Ticking clocks can be really annoying. Taking the madness one step further, this project aims to take the regularity out of that tick.


Toppling dominos by light

This is an inexpensive toy that brings simplicity, fun, and a new element of creativity to a classic, depressing past-time.

An Electric Guitar

In 2005, after a simple guitar build didn't quite satisfy my needs, I set out to designing and building my perfect ax. This is still my main instrument, though there is a supplement to it in the works...


Though I don't ride as much as I used to, I have produced around ~15 boards for myself and friends as I optimized my designs and processes, incorporating fiberglass and a few molding techniques.

Next-gen Violin

I decided I don't have time to learn to play violin. The solution is to redesign the control interface of the instrument, eliminating the bow while maintaining expressiveness.

Ghetto Blaster

The luxury of portable music for the masses died off toward the end of the 1900s and I decided to bring it back with some scrap materials and a motorcycle battery.

Usable Terminal Music

Back in 2008 (and arguably today), the Linux music player scene was in rough shape. I designed a lightweight usability-driven music player which I still use today.

DPOAE for All!

As a part of MIT's Sana AudioPulse project, I've designed a testing and research platform for evoked otoacoustic emissions.

Microsystems Education Platform

New budget eval boards provide a means for students to get into embedded design but don't leave much room for creative applications due to limited functionality. This is a solution for McGill's ECSE426.

School Projects

VLSI Kalman Filter

Kalman filters can be computationally costly but have value in low-latency systems where data integrity is key. I present an efficient and fast VLSI/FPGA-ready implementation using an first-order approximation of some costly terms.


Visual feedback is a key component in the control of most music players which impedes use by the visually impaired. Our robust solution relied on voice interfacing and gestures on an iPhone... before it was cool.


Who doesn't love overly powerful flying buzz saws? This one won ST's 2011 iNEMO Design Competition but dredged up some valuable lessons for future builds.

Wearable Sensors

This was the core (not necessarily bulk) of my M.Eng. thesis work. I designed multiple mobile platforms for real-time sensor analysis, logging, and user interaction with wearable sensors.

FLogFS: An Efficient NAND File System

I needed a fast and safe NAND flash file system for resource-constrained systems, so I made FLogFS, a Flash Log File System. It is light, efficient, and open source. See thesis.

M.Eng. Thesis

Because it's all the rage these days, I wrote a thesis! This describes my wearable sensors work, FLogFS, and some sensor fusion work.