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Email: Ben Nahill <moc.liamg@llihanb>
Phone: (774)454-9027


My interests are diverse, centered at the design of embedded systems and reaching into the realms of signal processing, sensor fusion, reliability and safety, security, human-computer interaction, speech communication, and music. My broad objective is to explore and expand new frontiers spanning these areas in either an academic or industrial context.


Jan 2012 - Dec 2013

Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering

McGill University, Montreal, QC — Canada

Integrated Microsystems Lab — Supervisor: Professor Zeljko Zilic
Thesis: The Design of a Wearable Multi-Sensor Measurement Platform
Research Focus: Inertial sensors, sensor fusion, fault tolerance, insulin-glucose control, low-power real-time systems, multi-core synchronization, speech communication

Sept 2005 - Dec 2010

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering

McGill University, Montreal, QC — Canada

Work Experience

February 2014 - Present

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Lexington, MA
Associate Staff—Cyber Systems and Technology Group

August 2013 - Present

MIT's Sana AudioPulse

Cambridge, MA
Volunteer Electrical & Software Development Engineer

Sept 2012 - May 2013

McGill University

Montreal, Canada
Teaching Assistant for ECSE426 — Microprocessor Systems

Curriculum design giving regular lectures on complex topics in embedded design, C/assembly programming and practices, processor architecture, operating systems, and DSP, targeting a Cortex-M4 mixed-signal μC

Feb 2011 - June 2012

Satcom Systems (defunct)

Montreal, Canada; Toulouse, France
Embedded Systems Engineer

Product: Feature-rich secure satellite phone

Product: Satellite-link sharing device for helicopters

(Some hardware and software design; a lot of web design; server administration and IT)


I come with extensive experience in the following areas:

Computer EngineeringElectrical EngineeringMixedOther

Programming Lanugages




Conference Proceedings

  1. B. Nahill, A. Ramdial, H. Zeng, M. Di Natale, and Z. Zilic, “An FPGA Implementation of Wait-Free Data Synchronization Protocols,” in 2013 IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), 2013.
  2. A. Suyyagh, B. Nahill, A. Courtemanche, E. Kirshin, Z. Zilic, and B. Karajica, “Managing the microprocessor course scope expansion,” in 2013 IEEE International Conference on Microelectronic Systems Education (MSE), 2013, pp. 36–39.
  3. O. Sarbishei, B. Nahill, A. R. Fekr, M. Janidarmian, K. Radecka, Z. Zilic, and B. Karajica, “An Efficient Fault-Tolerant Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Accelerometers,” in 2013 IEEE 10th Body Sensor Networks Conference (BSN), 2013.
  4. O. Sarbishei, A. R. Fekr, M. Janidarmian, B. Nahill, and K. Radecka, “A Minimum MSE Sensor Fusion Algorithm with Tolerance to Multiple Faults,” in 2013 IEEE 18th European Test Symposium (ETS), 2013.
  5. A. R. Fekr, M. Janidarmian, O. Sarbishei, B. Nahill, K. Radecka, and Z. Zilic, “MSE minimization and fault-tolerant data fusion for multi-sensor systems,” in 2012 IEEE 30th International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), 2012, pp. 445–452.

Book Chapters

  1. O. Sarbishei, M. Janidarmian, A. Roshan Fekr, B. Nahill, Z. Zilic, K. Radecka, “Multi-Sensory System Integration Dependability”, in Technologies for Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion, C. Iniewski and K. Yallup, Ed. To be published by CRC Press, 2014